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Name/Title: Pryataksha A daily Newspaper                          Publishers:   Lotus Publication                                    Periodicity:  Daily                                                              Languages:  Marathi                                                              Cost:             Rs.2.00                                                              Contents:     1. Agralekh of Sadguru Bapu
                     2. Dedicated two pages for International News
                     3. Update on Stock markets
                     4. Updates on new technologies
                     5. General Knowledge topic on various aspects
                         and facets of life
                    6. Daily Jaap, Dhyanchitra, Prarthana and articles
                        on Saisatchitra

About Newspaper:

‘Pratyaksha’ is a daily, non-political newspaper. ‘Pratyaksha’ is as the name suggests, is inspired by the actual moment and as pertinent to it as can be. This newspaper is by far the most widely received among the mass media.

It is indeed a medium for the masses – a platform to voice a message and a forum to educate. The newspaper takes the position of a guide, it becomes a close part of human life and the readers very gladly reach out for it every morning, to begin their day – aware, alert, taken care of and collected. Aware of reality and of course the truth, alert because they are better prepared, and collected because they have begun the day with energizing features – not just political news.

Pratyaksha equips the reader with a perspective, an ability to seek and pursue the truth, energy to strive and stand up for justice and propriety, and be aware to be able to withstand the coming times of destruction.

The executive editor of this unique daily is Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi (Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu). His editorials are what all the pages of ‘Pratyaksha’ put together contain in principle or conversely, all the features in ‘Pratyaksha’ are covered in the columns of Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi’s editorials.


Series of Agralekh :

In early 2006 Sadguru Bapu wrote the editorial series ‘The Third World War’ to make us capable of discerning the sound of the drumbeats of war among the entire din that the world faces. This series was then published in the form of a book by the same name. He has written articles on everyday incidents and the education contained in it thus giving us a perspective to look at our own life as a fund of knowledge. Currently a large number of readers are on the 639th segment of His series ‘Tulsipatra’ based on the verses of the great work ‘Sunderkand’ of the great saint and bhakta Shree Tulsidasji. The spiritual aspect that drives home an alert and dutiful worldly life is what the series draws attention to.

Features comprising ‘Pratyaksha’ :

  • News on the global scene to make us aware that happenings in one part of the world have repercussions all over and no occurrence can happen in isolation.  
  • Editorial series that are based on current topics, great patriots, and also on the ‘Satyapravesh’ the first volume of the Shreemadpurushartha Grantharaj authored by Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu Himself.
  • Articles tracing the life sketch of great personalities belonging to history, to the field of science or others who made a difference with their selfless contribution to society.
  • Features that discuss the homeopathic and the ayurvedic streams of medicine apart from others that discuss the anatomy of the human body
  • Legal and medico-legal guidance in simple words for the common man
  • An update on the trend of stocks and shares
  • A feature on the various places of tourist interest in India, their cultural richness and their historical past

And in keeping with the belief that worldly life and spirituality are not exclusive of each other.

‘Pratyaksha’ also includes :

  • An extensive chapter by chapter discussion of the Shree Saisachcharit (the great work based on the life and teachings of Shree Saibaba of Shirdi, His bhaktas and their love for Shree Sainath)
  • A lucid explanation of verses from the ‘Shree Tukaramachi Gatha’ (a collection of the verses by the great saint Tukaram Maharaj)
  • A prayer/ a verse/ a stotra to be read and meant for the day
  • A jap/ mantra to be written for the day
  • A set of two pictures depicting the same instance but pertaining to the life of divine personalities like Shreeram, Shreekrishna, Shree Sainath of Shirdi, Shree Swami Samartha of Akkalkot or great bhaktas like Hemadpant who wrote the ShreeSaisachcharit for instance. One of the two is a colored drawing and the other is an outlined drawing to be coloured by the reader
  • Features like ‘spot the difference’, ‘make words’ are for sharpening observation, memory and the mind

And of course there is space for the reader to voice their opinion – a feature that gives the world the point of view of one individual in the crowd and triggers a dialogue or a discussion among the entire society through the medium of this forum that is ‘Pratyaksha’.

Every feature and the issues handled underline the words of Samartha Ramdas Swami that is its motto, ‘A dialogue, a conversation that ends conflict or causes it to dissolve thus leading to appropriate connection, is the dialogue that will bring welfare’.

‘Pratyaksha’ does not merely report, it connects the reader with facts, with other readers and with the world – his world – his world that he wants to enrich and better.