Blessed moments

‘When the Sadguru’s sight falls on you, love and sheer love is what you experience’, says Sainath Himself in the Shree Saisachcharit. He cites the example of the tortoise who nurtures her babies with her look, merely her look of love. And this look of boundless love on the part of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha for His ‘Shraddhavan friends’ – that is how He addresses His friends – is indeed the blessed moment, the experience of loving grace that we are talking about. The friends of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu experience it all the time. The love of the Sadguru and the unshakable faith of the Shraddhavan friend in turn, manifest in life as strength – abundant positive strength.

What exactly are these experiences of grace? What are these blessed moments? Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu shuns and disallows the miracle, not just the phenomenon, but even the very word. In ‘Satyapravesh’, the first volume of the Shreemadpurushartha Grantharaj, He states in no uncertain terms and with His signature, who He is. “I am not an avatar, not of anybody. I was Aniruddha; I am Aniruddha and Aniruddha I will always be. I am your friend. I am the one who serves all those who love the divine principles and have unshakable faith in them. I am neither a juggler nor a magician. I can neither do jugglery nor magic. What then do I have? What I have is love, sheer love and love again. I have nothing…. but love. I am a warrior. I enjoy teaching the art of warfare to all those who wish to fight their destiny.” And so all those who set about this fight falling back fully on the infinite love of the Sadguru have felt the strength and experienced blessed moments and of course victory in the fight…. not just trifle wins, lasting victory.

Blessed moments1

Sadguru Shree Aniruddha always advocates effort, hard work. Nothing falls in your lap. You have to work for it, earn it and deserve it. The rule with Him is, ‘toil, take the effort, let the sweat drip and while you do so, utter the name of Hari.’ That is it! In the ‘Satyapravesh’, the first volume of the Shreemadpurushartha Grantharaj, He says, “The path that, with the help of bhakti, teaches the nishkaam karmayog, is the only path that acquires for the human dharma, divine wealth and treasure.” It is important to understand that nishkaam karmayog means a way of life where dispassionate deeds, i.e. nishkaam karma, are the predominant principle. The human dharma referred here also finds an explanation in the work. Dharma is the principle which assumes and helps to preserve humanness in the outer and inner world of man and is the very basis of the facile, spontaneous, intrinsically normal and natural human life.

“Shed the desire of the fruit,

and thus drop all the undesirables.
Success will then be yours

That is the secret of karma.

Keep doing the karma. That is human dharma.
Granting the fruit is His;
Observing and practicing is your swa-dharma
And austerity too.

The swa-dharma with good will,
Restrained by the law of karma,
Make that your offering and unravel
By virtue of His feet, all mystery.”

That and that alone is the way to attain the appropriate fruit. ‘The deed is what I will do, the fruit is the prerogative and will of the Almighty – He is all powerful and competent. He who fixes this one resolve as the pivotal principle in life, will tide over all storms in life’, says the Saisachcharit. What we need to shed is the desire for the fruit of our effort and deed not the deed. The shedding of the desire for the fruit is in itself deeply satisfying and that again is a blessed moment in life of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha’s friends.

For us, the words ‘special experiences’ or ‘blessed moments’ usually signify the happening of a much desired occurrence. The desire for the occurrence and the occurrence per se do happen but the sequence is complete only when there is the intervention of directed and virtuous effort.

‘Authentic Standard Principle – 3’ of  Satyapravesh endorses this concept saying, “We wish for the well-being of our family which is achieved through the strength of a united civilization. For the purpose we will pray together. We wish for wealth. The effort required to yield wealth is realized through resolve. We will resolve to recall the name of God to receive the strength for the resolve. We wish to triumph over difficulties. The precision needed materializes through observation. We will begin by reflecting over the Supreme being who observes everything. We wish to wipe out our sin. Penance that delivers of sin materializes through true repentance. We will admit all the wrong we did and serve the Almighty’s children. We wish to destroy our enemies. War that causes this destruction materializes through strength, valour, capacity. We will do the suryanamaskar and chant the gayatri mantra and ask for these of ‘Him’ who is an immense reserve of strength. We wish for peace. We will chant the name of Ram, walk His path and plan the following day because that non-violence, the source of peace is born of ‘Truth’, i.e. of Ram. We wish for contentment. We will pray to the Almighty Datta, worship the Sadguru paduka because this will grant us watchful alertness needed for the fulfilment of duties which in turn will give us contentment. We want the Almighty and He can be attained through bhakti. We will love Him with all our heart so that bhakti blooms in the heart.”

This is all that common persons like us wish for and these words of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu make it very clear that effort is inevitable. There are no two ways about this.

Observing the things mentioned above is walking ‘His’ path and so contentment, blessed moments are bound to come our way. However, it must be noted that only the one who loves ‘Him’, has not just belief but unshakable trust, unconditional faith in ‘Him’, walks this path. No matter how stormy the seas, how difficult the times, the trust remains firmly anchored, strongly rooted. That is the kind of love and trust we are talking about. The 11the chapter of the Shree Saisachcharit depicts the incident of the torrential rains when not just human beings but cattle and other animals too rush to Sainath. He is their One, definite refuge. They ‘know’, they are not surer of any other thing – He would certainly save them. That was where they ought to go and that was exactly where they went. The more intense the trust in God, the more confident will one be. And a person endowed with confidence stemming from trust in God surrenders only to God and not to circumstances, he tides over them.

That my Sadguru is forever with me gives me strength to rise above difficulties that fate may have in store. The great saint Eknath said, ‘indelible be the writings of fate, the loving grace of Hari can wipe them clean’. But this kind of salvaging comes only with the loving grace of Hari for which the prerequisite is very obviously first of all, ‘Hari is’ and ‘I surrender to Him with all my love and trust’. Those walking the path of unshakable faith – bhakti – selfless service find life taking a wonderful turn, they feel and experience the love and presence of God, they feel taken care of. They experience ‘blessed moments’. They cherish and share these. Listening to these is an experience in itself, an experience of connecting, feeling the love. Let us listen with a clear and clean mind. The joy and love will be mirrored in our heart – of its own accord.