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Volunteer doctors of the foundation conducting the medical check up of needy patientsThe rising population has made its ill effects very evident on all fronts. In cities, the lack of space and the dearth of basic amenities like water translate into unpleasant situations like garbage heaps and generally unclean surroundings. Roadside vendors sell uncovered food packets that cause disease. People are afflicted by Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, Jaundice, etc on the one hand and by high Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Diseases on the other. The lack of awareness ends up delaying medical treatment. Besides, the expenses involved are a major deterrent. Today medical aid is expensive. Though government hospitals charge nominal or no fee they aren’t easily accessible.

Mobile medical van service of the Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation.With all these factors working against timely and good medical aid, the incidences of diseases are bound to swell.

In these circumstances, the ‘Mobile Medical Camp’ of the Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation strives to offer relief. This mobile service brings free medical aid to the doorstep of those who cannot travel to hospitals or do not have a hospital in the vicinity. Qualified doctors and para-medical staff offer service as part of their voluntary work. Patients are examined and medicines for the following seven days to are given to them. Medical tests like the E.C.G., etc too are performed if required. All these services are offered free of charge. The area where the mobile camp will be set up, is identified through a survey.


The first mobile medical camp was held on 30th June 2003. The residents of the Mahim Fishermen’s colony and the Police Quarters were examined and treated.

      • Another mobile medical camp was conducted at Premnagar and Jijamatanagar in Worli. The next Camp was conducted at Santa Cruz Police Colony.
      • Ever since then, regular services in these areas have been regularly offered on Mondays & Thursdays at Worli and Tuesdays & Fridays at Mahim.


      • Preparing O.P.D. papers, maintaining records of patients is done by volunteers of the Foundation. The para-medical staff hands over medicines prescribed by doctors.
      • In the event that patients should need special treatment, the doctors direct them to municipal or government hospital in the vicinity apart from guiding them about the treatment they would need.
      • Another important task that these volunteers have at their hands is to create awareness about hygiene and to wipe out the fear about certain illnesses or diseases from the minds of the people. The team does this task with great love and sincerity.
      • The residents keep requesting for the mobile service be extended to all 7 days of the week rather than 2 days. Patients of nearby areas too, avail of these services and have asked for them to be extended to their areas also.


The ‘Mobile Medical Camp’ that began seven years ago, has been offering regular and consistent service in Mumbai and has now been initiated in Pune as well. On 20th June 2010 the mobile facility began service in Shinde Vasti and Hinjewadi. The team included ten doctors and thirteen nurses from Pune in addition to three doctors from Mumbai. A total of 304 patients availed the service.

To date i.e. over a period of just about 4 months, the medical camp did four sittings and will continue this pattern of offering service once a month. Little children are given spectacles after an eye examination.


    • ‘Satyapravesh’, the first volume of the Shreemadpurushartha Grantharaj, written Sadguru Bapu mentions the following…“The sacred thought behind charity is to make good the shortcoming or the lack in society and when the needy cannot even go (to the source) and receive help, the giver ought to go to him and complete the gesture”.
    • “When the giver goes to the needy to give, his is the best gesture of charity”, says Maharshi Parashar.


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