Aniruddha The Unstoppable

Aniruddha The Unstoppable

Aniruddha is the one who is the unstoppable.

Aniruddha is the one for whom there are no obstructions or impediments.

Aniruddha is the one who is self-willed and free.

Aniruddha is the one whose path cannot be hindered and so is unassailable. The path too is Aniruddha.

The Aniruddha path cannot be hindered because it is free of obstructions. It, therefore, implies certainty and assurance.

The Aniruddha path cannot be hindered because it is free of impurities. It is unquestionable and pure under any circumstances. It is Aniruddha at all times.

For the one who is Aniruddha, every deed and decision stem from purity, the one decisive norm. At all times, he abides by this norm and practices it stringently. This is the only Truth, the Ultimate Truth.

So, the deed and the decision, of the one who is Aniruddha are the Truth, the ultimate Truth.

Aniruddha has unlimited forgiveness (kshama) for the one, who has firm trust in the Mother Jagdamba Durga as also earnest repentance for the wrong done, be he a sinner. He hates sin, not the sinner. As boundless as his love, his forgiveness is a promise of acceptance.

The deed and the decision, of the one who is Aniruddha, stem from love. His love is an unhindered connection with the heart and the awareness of this love nurtures faith – faith that, in turn, perceives nothing but Aniruddha’s love at every step in life. Imbibing the value that ‘we are judged by our faith and not by our performance’, Aniruddha’s love opens up a path of positivity and progress.

The mission of Aniruddha is to fill the world with happiness and abound with joy all that be, his main objectives being ‘reverence for life’ apart from of course, ‘the desire to spread happiness in every corner of the world’. The mission of Aniruddha lies on the Aniruddha path – a path that cannot be hindered.

It will culminate in joy for all because that is the will of Aniruddha, the Unstoppable.

He is Aniruddha, He is Unstoppable.