Used Paper Project



The extensive use of paper continues despite its upsetting impact on the environment and also necessitates the felling of trees which is a grave threat to our environment and ecology.


This project introduces and implements the idea of recycling used paper thus minimizing the need of tree felling and thereby having a positive impact on the environment. Under this project the Foundation encourages its volunteers and devotees to use paper bags instead of plastic ones thereby cutting back on the problem of accumulation and choking of plastic waste which is the major cause of massive floods like the ones observed on 26th July 2005.


  • Devotees donate old newspaper, notebooks etc to the Foundation.
  • This paper is recycled to make teaching aids, play articles for children, paper bags, etc.
  • Excess old newspapers are used to raise funds for the charkha activity. The waste paper is thus no ‘waste’ and leaves behind no ‘waste’ at all.