NEED of 13 Points Programme:

13 Points ProgrammeThe progress of the individual at his personal level and as a citizen of his motherland, the progress of a country at the national level and as part of the human settlement on the globe are contributory to one another. So the effort towards growth at the individual level counts as much as that at the collective level. The truth contained in the above statement can become the basis of a far-sighted program that works for the individual citizen and consequently for the world. The 13 Points Programme for all times but especially for this moment.

The world is fast advancing towards a world war. The future requires that we prepare not only to manage a disaster like the world war but also prepare to rise from it.

13 Points Programme

India has a significant role to play in the rehabilitation of the world. The need of the hour is therefore a system or a better life style that will on the one hand, help an individual to grow and also prove a salvaging solution to others.

The 13 Points Programme, in fact a life style, attains this ideal. By Making use of minimal economic resources and relying mostly on indigenous, easily available, natural resources this program spells progress at all levels – personal, social, national and spiritual. It is meant not only for an individual but for the world as a whole.


On 3rd October 2002, Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu (Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi) pronounced the 13 Point ProgrammeHis vision that spells progress and is a means to progress, a path that is simple and efforts that will bring welfare. The stupendous participation that it has earned not only endorses its relevance to current times but also points to the well being and the welfare that it brings in the individual, social, spiritual context and of course as consequence in the context of weaving together the fabric of one nation, one human world.

It has answers to issues of human needs of clothing and education, to issues of environment; to issues of guidance on the spiritual path. It is just about everything that a human being requires to grow, to develop and to become complete. It is the vision of a visionary, a unique one because it is real and practicable for each and every one; because every one of us can relate to it; because I, am ordinary person, am part of; and above all it plants and nurtures love in me. Love for fellow beings, love for the motherland and love for God.

We invite you to be part of this Vision, this unique Reality.

Here is the 13 Points Programme

1. Charkha Project

2. Round The Year Farming & Fodder Project

3. Used Paper Project

4. Old is Gold Project

5. Warmth of Love Project

6. The Light Of Knowledge Project

7. Cleanliness And Hygiene Project

8. Ahilya Sangh Project

9. Shreemadpurushartha Grantharaj

10. General Knowlage Bank

11. Bhartiya Bhasha Sangam

12. Study of the Five Continents

13. Aniruddha’s Academy Of Disaster Management

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