Upasana Kendra
Upasanan_inlineIn our life whenever we are faced with any problems or difficulties we seek protection under God’s shelter. When we do not find Him providing the solution to our issues, we tend to run helter-skelter to sources we think will provide us with instant relief such as exorcists, black magicians, quacks etc, just to be misled or cheated. We need to understand that just as in a bank if we have enough deposits, we can withdraw quickly or get a loan easily, and similarly if there is not enough deposit of Bhakti in our bank of Life, then our issues take longer to get resolved.

The lack of Bhakti and Seva and the resulting mental strength that it provides to a person is one of the main factors that cause the delay of finding answers to our problems in life. The path to find peace and relief from worldly issues is found at the Upasana Centres where we not only receive the strength to steady and calm our minds but also are gently led towards God. It is at the Upasana Centre that we begin to understand that it is only pure, pristine bhakti that will lead us to ultimate peace and calm.

The Upasana Centres gently teach bhakti by following the practice of collective praying. All gather together at the various centres and perform the collective upasana based on the Sadguru’s principles.

The benefits of collective upasana are as under:

  1. One receives more positive vibes and the impact is greater when one prays in a group rather than alone
  2. We can concentrate and focus much better when praying with others as one tends to get distracted or lose attention when praying by oneself
  3. When I pray collectively, I am praying for myself as well as for others and thus the prayers reach the five elements of nature and the Lord much faster
  4. The practice of collective upasana builds unity in society and also strengthens it spiritually. Collective praying at the Upasana Centres thus builds and strengthens both the individual as well as the nation.

Immediately after the upasana a short discourse (pravachan) of Sadguru Bapu is relayed. Through His simple, sweet and flowing language He explains various ways in which we can make ourselves mentally and physically strong. His discourses elaborate the importance and ways of doing bhakti which even a common man can understand and practice easily.

Sadguru Bapu’s discourses are pots full of nectar which are distributed freely and in ample quantity equally to all. We can find solutions to any and all of our problems and sufferings by simply listening to His solutions and following the path of collective upasana.