Importance of Praying Together

Someone once said, “Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines”. Who doesn’t have problems in life? You, I, we all do. And what do we do to solve them? Most of us run to God’s shelter for help. More often or not, God has alternate plans for us and he won’t give us the solution that we are looking for. With this, our faith vanishes and we are misled to an apparently easy but in reality a gravely dangerous path of exorcists, black magic and quack God men. Just as a full bank balance allows us for easy withdrawal and loans, enough bank balance of “Bhakti” in our bank of Life resolves all our problems.

Importance of Upasana Centers

We often wonder how long it would take to find answers to our problems. But all the answers lie within our mental power. The lack of “Bhakti” and “Seva” weaken our mental strength delaying the search for answers. The path to find peace and relief from worldly issues is found at the Upasana Centers where we not only receive the strength to steady and calm our minds but also are gently led towards God. It is at the Upasana Center that we begin to understand that it is only pure, pristine bhakti that will lead us to ultimate peace and calm. The Upasana Centers gently teach bhakti by following the practice of collective praying. “Shraddhavans” gather at various centers and perform the collective upasana based on the Sadguru’s principles.

The benefits of collective upasana are as under:

  1. We receive more positive vibes and the impact is greater when we pray in a group rather than alone.
  2. We can concentrate much better when praying collectively as distractions are avoided.
  3. When we pray collectively, we are praying for ourselves as well as for others and thus the prayers reach the five elements of nature and the Lord much faster.
  4. The practice of collective upasana builds unity in society and also strengthens it spiritually. Collective or “Sanghik”upasana lays foundation of a mentally strong individual as well as a nation.

Discourse of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu

Immediately after the upasana a short discourse (pravachan) of Sadguru Bapu is relayed. His impactful guidelines by citing simple examples of life, Shree Aniruddha Bapu helps to make us physically and mentally strong. His discourses elaborate the importance and ways of doing bhakti which even a common man can understand and practice easily.

Sadguru Bapu’s discourses are like pots of nectar, sweetening the life of every person who wishes to follow His Enlightened Path. All the problems in life will find their key in His guidance and the path of collective Upasana.

Param Pujya Bapu Explaining the Importance of Praying Together (Sanghik Upasana)

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