Vaibhavalakshmi Poojan Festival

‘Vaibhavalakshmi Vrat’ is observed in the Margashirsha month. This month is considered to be very significant.

Goddess Vaibhavalakshmi bestows devotees with happiness, joy, beauty and victory. She protects the devotees from maladies, misfortune, adversities. Goddess Vaibhavalakshmi is the ‘Chetana Shakti vital force of Lord Mahavishnu. She is Shree Vidya, the basis of Mahavishnu’s Karya who grants us progress, grace, wealth, happiness and all kinds of wealths.

Existence of Goddess Lakshmi is assured at the Lotus Feet of Parmatma, where his ‘Lotus Feet’ are worshipped, where there is selfless devotional-service directed by divine principles.

Mother Lakshmi is offered five kinds of foodstuffs or simple Daal-Bhaat (rice-lentils), Poli-Bhaji (bread-vegetables) or even just water as Naivedyam with true love and devotion; She accepts it all happily. But five things Mother Lakshmi really loves are:
1) Cleanliness
2) Hard work
3) Faith
4) Patience
5) Donation at virtuous places

and of course all this based on the principle of ‘purity being the only decisive norm’. Those shraddhavans who practice these five qualities get the blessings of Lakshmi Mata.

Vaibhavalakshmi Puja Ceremony is celebrated at Shree kshetra Juinagar with great enthusiasm every year. This festival is celebrated on every Friday of the month of Margashirsha. After that, the beginning of Abhishek and Hoam starts. Inspite of large number of shraddhavans, the ritual worship is carried out without any disturbance in disciplined manner shraddhavans can participate in the ritual performed during the Hoam. The Vaibhavalakshmi festival which is celebrated at Shree kshetra Gurukul Juinagar is a festival of divine happiness for shraddhavans.