AniruddhaFoundation-The Warmth of Love Project



The warmth of love… This warmth is associated with love, care and protection that it implies. Hence offering a quilt to a needy is not only offering warmth but also love. Out of the basic human needs of food, clothing and shelter, the quilt that we offer under the ‘Warmth of Love Project’ signifies ‘clothing’ and ‘shelter’.



In certain regions of India the temperature in winter drops to unbearable low levels and at times even proves fatal. As has been Sadguru Shree Aniruddha’s value and principle about devotional services, devotees give their energies and time to make quilts which are then handed over to the needy.


  • Both men and women are trained in making quilts using old sarees or bedspreads.
  • The stitches on these quilts are purposefully kept small and dainty so that small babies do not find their earrings getting stuck in it.
  • These quilts are light in weight so that even pregnant women can easily wash and wring them.
  • Considering the conditions in the regions where the quilts are distributed, they are stitched and closed on all four sides so that insects do not wriggle into the folds or layers of the quilts.
  • This quilt is different in more than one way. The one making and donating it and the one using it neither know nor ever see each other. But the beauty of this unique situation is that there is exchange of love that draws a smile on both the faces that remain anonymous for each other.
  • Blouse pieces offered by devotees at Shree Aniruddha Gurushetram are also used to make quilts.
  • These quilts were also distributed by the Foundation during the floods of 26th July 2011 as well as in Ratnagiri also.
  • These quilts are also regularly distributed during the annual Medical and Health Services Camp to the needy at Kolhapur and Virar.






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