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Poverty and Illiteracy is seen more in villages than in the cities. The main reason is when all members in a family earn then only a proper meal is gained. Sometimes even after working for long getting one time meal becomes difficult. In such a situation, having ample of clothes or having woolen clothes for winter season is just impossible. It in turn affects the health. This has definitely an impact on the nation’s development. This is the scenario in villages. However, the situation in the cities of India is totally opposite. The families in the cities are always in a better position as there are ample of opportunities for doing jobs or businesses. Thus people here earn a good income. This helps in fulfilling not only their important needs but also they are able to get whatever more they wish to. There is never a scarcity of clothing with the very rich people. They always have worn out clothes or even unused clothes with them. If the poor people get these clothes it would fulfill their important basic need of clothing.

Thus, in order to reduce this gap and to fulfill the basic needs of the hard-working poor people, Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation came up with a project of ‘June Te Sone’ (Old is Gold) under the guidance of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu. In this project, the shraddhavans can donate their old clothes at the Upasana centres recognized by the Foundation as well as on every Thursday at Shree Harigurugram (New English School, Bandra).

Management and Implementation Method of Seva –

Once the clothes are deposited at the Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Upasana centres, the shraddhavans sort them age-wise. The classification is done as those for children, middle age ladies and gents and old age ladies and gents. The grouping is also done on the basis of age. The shraddhavans at each centre carry out a survey in their nearby areas. A count of the needy family members is taken. A study of no. of children, ladies, gents and their age is noted. The shraddhavans carry out this survey through various villages. After the survey is completed the available stock of clothes is reviewed. If there is shortage of clothes then a request for depositing old clothes is put up at the Upasana centres. Once the requirement is fulfilled, the grouping of the cloths starts. Family wise clothes are packed in a bundle (गाठोडी). Each bundle has clothes for every member of the family. Afterwards, every week the families are allotted numbers and they are known by those numbers or else their names are written on those bundle. Therefore, the person to whom the bundle/wrap is to be given can be identified. All these bundle are loaded in a tempo or any other vehicle and carried at the villages where the surveys are carried out.

Once they reach in the villages, the names of the families are called upon by the shraddhavans. One family member from each of the families comes in front to collect the bundle. The happiness and satisfaction on their faces is worth looking at. Even after getting a bit the satisfaction on their faces teaches us a lot. Shraddhavans too happily distribute these clothes. Also, not only the clothes, shraddhavans can even donate old utensils and toys/games. The poor families are very much in need of these utensils and the children need the toys.

Seva at the Kolhapur Medical and Healthcare Camp –

This seva is conducted on a larger scale at Pendakhale during the Kolhapur Medical and Healthcare Camp. In advance, shraddhavans go there for survey and carry out a survey of the need of the families for clothes, utensils and toys. Again, as per the need of every family the bundle is tied. Param Poojya Nandai herself distributes clothes, games and utensils to these needy people. The happiness on the faces of these villagers is indescribable.

This project of ‘June Te Sone’ (Old is Gold) started by Aniruddha Upasana Foundation which is an inspiration of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu has benefitted many families with cloths and other needs. Also these families started living happily under the shelter of Bapu.

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