Volunteers at Shri Harigurugraam seggregating the old clothes subimitted by bhaktas

In villages, every hand that toils means income. For parents therefore taking their children to the fields instead of sending them to school is more alluring. This decision deprives them of education. Though unwillingly it is a consideration that is overpowered by their unfulfilled basic needs of food and shelter. If the satisfaction of basic needs assures of survival, education is a promise of growth and freedom from the clutches of poverty. This situation has to be addressed and such parents have to be encouraged to send their children to school. “We need to motivate these children and even their parents. We have, in fact, done it and with success”, says Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu with deep love and concern in his heart.


Volunteers at Shri Harigurugraam seggregating the old clothes subimitted by bhaktas (1)

Well aware of the hardships of our rural brethren the ‘Old is Gold’ project translates care and concern into gesture. Old or surplus articles are donated by the volunteers and devotees to the Foundation which are in good usable condition. These are then distributed among others who need them. For instance utensils are distributed among parents as incentive to send children to school and toys and clothes work as reinforcement for children if they attend school regularly.


  • The Foundation is very particular about the ‘old articles’ that bhaktas bring in at the Upasana Kendras and at Shree Harigurugram. The clothes which are in good condition and fit for use, not torn, toys that are not battery-operated (for obvious reasons), utensils, etc are collected and distributed by the Foundation to the needy.
  • ‘Old assumes the worth of gold if put to appropriate use’ says Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu.

This project realizes this noble thought going a long way in imbibing golden values in the minds and practice and in turn opening up golden opportunities.

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