Under the aegis of Shri Sai Samarth Vidnyan Prabodhini, our organization conducts various programmes. One amongst them is ‘Dhangad Dhinga Shibir’ which is exclusively conducted for children.

In today’s times of Science and Technology, a person can progress by following the path of selfless service on the path of Bhakti. Keeping this perspective in mind P.P. Sadguru Bapu, P.P. Nandai and P.P. Suchitdada have initiated the path to lead everyone to progress. Accordingly Dhangad Dhinga Shibir for children was started under their guidance.

Every individual has got hidden talents and skills since birth and the best time to show their individual skills is during childhood. Nowadays, children waste their time by getting hooked to television, video games, movies etc. They are also tied up in the daily routine of school, classes, tuition etc hence, their skills and hence their talent remains unexplored.

P.P. Nandai, has been conducting this shibir for last 12 years as a CHILDREN DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME wherein hidden qualities are explored, by using play way methods, spiritual awakening, mental exercises, sporting activities, etc.



Students participating in various sports during the Dhangad dhinga classes.

The Dhangad Dhinga Shibir is a 15 days course held during the summer vacation once in a year, for the age group between 8 to 12 years.

The selection of the children starts a month before the commencement of the shibir. Nearly 1000 application are screened and about 150 children are selected by Nandai. Due to lack of space and heavy rent incurred by the sanstha, Nandai has to curtail the number of the children. The fee of the shibir is absolutely minimal that children from all stratas can take the benefit of the shibir.


The shibir includes various indoor and outdoor activities, brain storming sessions, memory and audio visual games. Nandai specifically dedicates a day to boost their hobbies.

The spiritual component of the shibir comprises of daily chanting of Maruti Stotra, Ram Raksha Stotra. These chanting are rehearsed by Nandai with the children. During the shibir the children start loving the recitations of the stotras and imbibe them in their daily routine from thenceforth in their life. This love for the stotras is inculcated because of the unconditional love bestowed by Nandai.

Nandai strongly believes that in difficult time, these stotras will help the children in wading through the turbulent ocean of life.


Nandai stresses on the importance of a wholesome and balance diet. Therefore during the shibir the children are provided with nutritious and delicious wholesome food.


Nandai also gives special attention to the disabled and handicapped children (special children of the almighty). Medical facilities are also provided throughout the shibir to all the children.


The special attraction of the shibir is the chocolate hundi wherein the children form a human pyramid and break the hundi. Even the girls do not lose an opportunity to participate in it.

An icing on the cake is the one day picnic which is the most memorable day of their lives. Nandai herself personally accompanies all the children on this one day picnic.


In the past 12 years, 1592 children have taken the benefit of this shibir. Scores of parents have come forward and vouched for the benefits of the shibir as they have noticed a sea of change in their wards. The most shining example in the recent times is of Ms. Komal Satose, Dhangad Dhinga (Batch – 2004). She scored 97 % in the 2010 SSC board exam. She attributed her success to the daily chanting of Hanuman Chalisa, reading a page from Srimad Purushartha Grantharaj,MatruvatsalyaVindanam and Bhagwat Geeta. There are many such children who have become outstanding stars of Dhangad Dhinga.
Nanda Aai’s sole purpose behind Dhangad Dhinga is to make every child capable and a self disciplined youngster. In the long run these children will be the strong pillars of our tomorrow that will make our nation proud.

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