Shree Saicharita

“Shri Saicharita”, like Vedas is an Apaurusheya Granth, meaning its creation is beyond any human capacity. We consider this Granth as any other religious scripture or holy book. 

Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Bapu says that, by reading a Granth we should be flooded with questions. Only then will it lead to our development. Even if a person reading Shri Saicharita does not comprehend its verses, yet it will transform his life. He will be pulled more and more towards the Bhakti Margpath of devotion, as Shri Saicharita in itself is a treatise on  Bhakti Marg. Though the Granth is named as Shri Saicharita meaning Sai Baba’s biography or history but after reading it we realize that it is in fact  the depiction of Sainath’s devotees as to how they devoted themselves to Sainath or did his Bhakti?, how they did his Seva and how their life changed after Sainath’s grace entered their lives. And the study of all these points means  the Shri Saicharita Panchasheel Examinations introduced by Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu. .

Shri Saicharita Panchasheel Examinations

This Panchasheel Examinations consist of five parts- Prathama, Dwitiya, Trutiya, Chaturtha and Panchami. These exams are held every six months. Right at the inception of the course Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Bapu had clarified that the course and the exams are not to acquire knowledge but to enlighten one on how to do Bhakti (devotion). The Panchasheel exam is meant to fulfil  our life in all aspects by progressing more and more towards the path of devotion and by driving away all the wrong doings and wrong beliefs.  And that’s why this Panchasheel exam is my own examination. Since it is an exam, we don’t read the Granth hastily, instead we read each chapter slowly and peacefully. We make efforts to understand the verses. The stories in this book should not be looked upon as mere miracles of Saibaba but should be taken as the Leelas of Sainath for his devotees. While reading these leelas, it is necessary to understand how these leelas happened or for whom it happened? Panchsheel exams are conducted to comprehend this meaning of the Sai Satcharit.

The format of Shri Saicharita Panchasheel Exams-

In this Panchasheel Exam, first exam i.e. Prathama includes first ten chapters of Sai Satcharit, in second, the next eleven to twenty and so on. However in the fifth exam i.e. Panchami, the entire  Sai Sacharita is covered in the syllabus. Practicals are conducted during the fifth exam. WIth the help of science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and  Biology we try to understand the meaning of Saicharita. Science is also a study and is no different than spirituality. Panchsheel exams help us to understand the meaning of Sai Satcharita with the help of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as also to comprehend that Science is not different from Spirituality and that Spirituality supports the same fact that is supported by Science.

Each study has two sections-

  1. Theoretical and
  2. Practical.

Theoretical study gives us the Principles whereas Practicals give us the Practice.

Theory means the thoughts of my intellect- meaning the principles are foundation of my study. Reading Saicharita is my study of theory. To follow the best devotees from Saicharita is my practical and the inference which i draw from such practicals will shape the character. Sadguru Bapu wants to shape each devotee beautifully. A book on practicals is published for this purpose too. The question papers of these examinations are published every February and August in the daily Pratyaksha newspaper and a period of three weeks is allowed to submit the answer paper. One can write the answers at his home as per one’s own convenience.

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