The Light Of Knowledge Project

On 2nd October 2002, Sadguru Shree Aniruddha introduced the 13 Point Programme, of which, the Light of Knowledge project is the fourth.

There are many rural areas in India, where the lack of electricity exists even today. Moreover, the ones who receive electricity have access to it, only for a couple of hours. These areas face load shedding for about 10 to 18 hours at a stretch. Most of the schools in the rural areas are located centrally, and children from the neighbouring villages travel all the way to attend. In many parts, children cover a long distance to school by walking. A lot of their time is lost in travelling to schools from their homes. They generally reach home by sunset, and at this time they cannot study without electricity. Thus, despite having potential, their educational progress suffers a setback which hampers their overall progress.  Hence, the Light of Knowledge Project is Sadguru Shree Aniruddha’s resolve to provide light to these students in the darkness to rid them of the hurdles, while pursuing educational progress.

Therefore, under the ‘Light of Knowledge’ project, candles and matchboxes are distributed to students who are unable to do homework or study due to unavailability of electricity. These students can, then, study using the light of candles. It is due to the ‘Light of Knowledge Project’ they do not need to depend on electricity primarily.

This Light of Knowledge Project also holds a spiritual significance. Shree Ram means the Sun, the light of our life. Shree Ram is the positivity in our life, the one who gives us the strength to fight the negativity, darkness and the demons. Providing candles and matchboxes to these students is equivalent to expressing love and reverence to Shree Ram, who is the very source of light. The lives of Shraddhavans also illuminates due to bringing in the ‘Light of Knowledge’ in the lives of these Students.

Shraddhavans donate candles and matchboxes for the ‘Light of Knowledge’ Project which is accepted either at Shree Harigurugram or Shree Aniruddha Upasana Centres. Most Shraddhavans donate the candles and matchboxes on special occasions of their lives like birthdays, anniversaries or on passing their exams. Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation distributes the donated candles and matchboxes to the students from remote villages.

These candles and matchboxes are distributed amongst students in Dhule, Nanded villages. Moreover, they are also distributed in the medical and health camps in Shahapur and Kolhapur. These candles are distributed to the students throughout the year.

The villages wherein these distributions take place under the banner of the Light of Knowledge Project, it has been noticed that the rate of students failing has decreased by large. Moreover, the number of students in schools has also increased. The students are also progressing commendably. The Light of Knowledge Project is making a small contribution towards creating an independent and literate Bharat.