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Aniruddha Sharanagat Sadbhave

(The Five Gurus of Shri AniruddhaBapu)

Param Poojya Shri Aniruddha Bapu has given a brief description of his Five Gurus in the holy book authored by him, the Shreemad Purushartha Grantharaj (Volume Two, Prempravas). In the Grantha he says, Parmeshwar is the self-evident and self-illuminating Chetan Tatva (life force) of this infinite and eternal universe.


Dattaguru is the first Guru amongst the five Gurus of Shri Aniruddha Bapu. He is the “Karavita (Doer) Guru.”By taking the reference of averse from the Sai Satcharitra, Param Poojya Bapu has made the importance of Dattaguru evident. The verse is as follows:

Dattaguru Panchguru

दत्तासारिखे पूज्य दैवत । असता सहज मार्गी तिष्ठत।

अभागी जो दर्शनवर्जित । मी काय पावत तयासी॥

Dattasaarikhem poojya daivata | Asatam sahaja maargee tishthata |

Abhaagee jo darshanvarjita | Me kaaya pavata tayasi |

If you decide to skip the darshana(an experience of the Parmatma that dissolves the distinction of the bhakta) of the most revered and adorable deity like the Datta, who stands waiting for you, that too right on your path, you are truly unfortunate, and in such a situation, how do you expect that I grace you?

Bapu has said that this verse decides the direction of his life’s work, and that is why Shri Dattaguru is the ruler of his Anandamaya(joyous) Kosha(the innermost of the five concentric envelopes of the deha and is closest to the state of joy) and his “Karavita(Doer) Guru”. He says that he offers his unshakeable faith and devotion at His feet.

The festival of “Avadhoot Chintan” was arranged for and celebrated by the shraddhavans, under the directions of Shri Aniruddha Bapu between May 5th and May 9th, 2009. “Avadhoot Chintan” literally translates to “Unwavering Love towards Shri Dattaguru.” Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu participated in all the events of this festival along with shraddhavans. Detailed information about this event can be found on its blogsite.


“Gayatrimata”, also described as the living embodiment of love is the second Guru. The first pulsation created from the power of Gayatri is none other than the Om, the Parmatma, the Pranav! Gayatri Mata constantly dwells in the supra-ocular level of consciousness and operates from this level itself. It is due to the grace of Gayatri Mata that man keeps attaining knowledge, science and most superior finesse. Ofcourse, it also requires the qualities of being studious, persistent and the desire to do hard work, but most importantly it requires ‘devotion’.

Gayatri Panchguru

Param Poojya Aniruddha Bapu himself also performs the upasana of Gayatri Mata. Utsav of the Purashcharan(repetition of name of deity) of Gayatri Mantra was held between 15th and 17th May, 2004 which saw participation from lakhs of shraddhavan devotees.


The third Guru, Prabhu Lord Shri Ramchandra is the also his Karta(Doer) Guru or the teacher of purpose. He is the living example of discipline. Shri Ram’s life and his actions are the living examples of an ideal life lived within the definitions of a perfect human being.

Guidance required in order to become a resident an active member of a society build on the principles of in Ramrajya(society that functions as it did during the reign of Shree Ram), to fight against ill-fate,the evil faces of destiny, for one needs to become a Vanar -sainik(soldiers of the Vanar race) of that Shri Ram,is offered by Bapu in the Shreemad Purushartha Grantharaj(Volume Two). The guidelines to achieve this end result, have been laid down by Parampujya Bapu in the second holy book, Premapravas of the Shreemad Purushartha Grantharaj.


The fourth Guru is Hanumanta. Parampujya Bapu says, Hanumanta who is the Lord of the Pranamaya Kosha and also my Rakshak(Protector) Guru, feels gratified. This to be called as a servant of Shree Ram.

Hanumant Panchguru

And due to the same reason, Aniruddha considers it an important part of his life’s work to be considered a loyal follower, student and servant of Hanumanta.


Shri Sai, the fifth Guru is his Digdarshak(guiding) Guru. He is the Digdarshak Guru as he provides consistent guidance in order to provide all that is auspicious from a single creation to the human race, filled with limitless diversities.

Saibaba Panchguru

The humility and modesty of Shree Sai, who is Parabrahma himself, is thus visible everywhere. The above descriptions clearly outline the importance and roles of Parampujya Bapu’s five Gurus. Not only does Parampujya Bapu himself worship his five Gurus, but also gets the holy upasanas done from shraddhavans through various means. This is an important aspect that we must consider.


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