The Exponent Group Of Journals


In 2002, Sadguru Shree Aniruddha had mentioned about the trio- Bhakti, Seva and Jnyan (knowledge) while introducing his 13 Point Programme. Following that, another sub concept, like the General Knowledge Bank was formed based on the principle of Jnyan and on May 6, 2010, while elucidating his concept of Ramrajya, Sadguru Shree Aniruddha (Bapu) introduced ‘The Exponent Group of Journals’.

The Exponent Group of Journals is a significant most of Bapu’s Ramrajya. This project has been initiated to be able to equip individuals with knowledge essential for progress.
What is Exponent Journals?

A person with significant expertise in any field of a subject is known as ‘Exponent’. These journals will stand true to this name. For, these journals will provide new, in-depth researched and general knowledge from the experts related to their respective subjects of expertise. These journals are a periodical magazine, which would update each and everyone with special as well as general knowledge related to their field of interests.
Dr Aniruddha says, “The hurdles that we have to face on a daily basis will no more trouble us due to these journals. We will acquire the knowledge that is essential for us. The people, who are related to the respective fields of these journals, should certainly use them.”

What are journals? These will not only help you from a perspective but help you remain up-to-date with theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Moreover, the meaning of the word ‘exponent’ has to do with updating, progress and upliftment. Basically, to upgrade!

The Exponent journals are published quarterly i.e. four times a year. More importantly, these journals are available free of cost. The information about it is as follows:-
1. Share and Stock Market – The Exponent Group of Journals for Share and Stock Market is an attempt to provide top-notch information to a common man available about the share and stock market. 

2. Health and Health Services Information – This journal provides information about various health-related elements and medically conducted research that allow commoners to obtain information about their medical related queries and allows them to live their life carefree and healthy.

3. Information Technology – The modern times are also known to be the era of Information Technology. Witnessing the rapid developments in the IT sector and cut-throat competition to get a job in that industry, it can clearly be understood that it is imperative for an individual to possess skills and expertise in more than only one field. Hence, it is extremely important for each person to have information about recent developments. Thus, The Exponent Group of Journals for Information and Technology imparts information about the new upgrades, developments and trends.
4. General Engineering – The constant developments and advances in the field of science and technology cause upgrade right from a wheel to satellites. Since the speed of these developments is rapid, the Exponent Group of Journal for General Engineering has been initiated with a motive of enabling engineering students to cope with the changing times to stay up-to-date.   

5. Electronics – We associate with the subject of electronics in our daily life. Hence, The Exponent Group of Journal for Electronics has been created with a sole motive of reaching out providing information related to electronics to the rural youth, the common man, industrialists and the education and research community. This journal will definitely provide information about the new developments, but it will also put forth the law and facts about it as well. 

6. Professional Medicine – The purpose of The Exponent Group of Journals For Professional Medicine is to provide all of the information about the new developments in the medical sector to the medical specialists. 

7. Chartered Accounts – The Exponent Group Of Journals For Chartered Accounts is a treasure mine of practical/ business knowledge. This e-journal is not only for Chartered Accountants, but also proves beneficial for people associated with the accounts sector and likewise, the CA students. 

8. M.B.A – No matter what field an individual belongs to, the managerial skills can prove further some any whichever case. The employment and opportunities are also available at vast in this field. This MBA journal proves to be an essential tool to realize the new developments in the industry for people interested in developing a career and otherwise. This journal also comprises of articles written by experienced professionals in the management sector.  

All of these e-books do not comprise only the theoretical information, but it also provides practical knowledge. The personnel writing articles in these books are well-experienced experts in their respective field of interest. Thus, the articles in these journals too, reflect their expertise and experience. The articles in these journals have been simplified for readers’ convenience.
The Exponent Group of Journals is thus, obliged to keep the corridors of information that lead to ‘knowledge’ open, now and forever!
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