general-knowledge-bank1THE CONCEPT

Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu introduced the concept of ‘General Knowledge Bank’ in his ‘13 Points Programme’, with a view that a person should remain up to date with the things happening throughout the world and in different areas and comprehend them by imbibing a habit of grasping and understanding the changes. Due to science and technology the world is becoming a global village. Hence if a person does not become one with this changing world, he cannot maintain his speed with time and technology and is sure to lag behind. It has become very pertinent today that a person has a sound knowledge of not only his own but other fields  as well. Hence for all in today times there is an extraordinary importance attached to general knowledge .

General Knowledge Bank is active in the following ways:

Discourses or Pitruvachan of Aniruddha Bapu

Through his discourses, Bapu tries to blend and relate the common everyday knowledge with spirituality. Through these discourses Bapu tries to simplify and explain the various mysteries of the world. To cite a few examples in this regards, the extremely advanced and relevant science of today of ‘Swarm Intelligence’ was introduced and simplified for shradhavans by Bapu through his discourses. Bapu reintroduced to us, the greatest scientist of the world, Dr. Nikola Tesla, who was practically lost in the annals of history. There have been references in Bapu’s Pitruvachan’s even to various harmful advancements like chem-trails, HAARP and of course on useful subjects like Nanotechnology, Self Health and so forth.

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The Daily- Pratyaksha

Through the Daily Pratyaksha, Dr. Aniruddha has literally opened a treasure trove of general knowledge for the readers. He is also the Executive Editor of this daily. News appearing in ‘Pratyaksha’ are perfect blend of today’s science, technology, geopolitics, global affairs and Indian spirituality. Pratyaksha has also been providing information on various subjects like economy, stock market, forensic science, travel, medicine, law, Information Technology, rural development and so forth. Besides, the daily news and columns Pratyaksha publishes ‘Special Anniversary Issues’ each year which are store houses (mine) of information. Pratyaksha helps the reader to keep pace with the happenings in the world. Many are benefitting with its daily reading.

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Exponent Group of Journals.

Each one of us can increase our reserves of knowledge with the help of the E- Journals published quarterly, focussing on eight subjects  as varied as General Engineering, Chartered Accountancy, Shares & Stock Market, Professional medicines, MBA, Information Technology, Electronics and Health & Health Services Information.

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Very often we are so immersed in our daily routine that there is no time to even observe the changes taking place in our own field or the society around us. Although, we may not always be in touch with reality, Bapu is himself very alert. As an example of this alertness, Bapu has been conducting seminars  on various subjects like Jugaad, Nanotechnology, Cloud Computing, Social Media, Swarm Intelligence, Attention Economy, Holography, Dr. Nikola Tesla, and many more. They all are indicative of his intense efforts and in-depth study of the subject. Bapu’s emphasis is always on the application of knowledge to our day to day reality, rather than piling up information. .

In short :

Bapu lives by the adage, ‘First Practice, Then Preach’. Therefore he takes extensive efforts to expand his general knowledge base. He is also keen that others too expand their knowledge base. Taking a cue and help from Bapu efforts one must strive to build his own ‘General Knowledge Bank’ to stay with time.