Shree Mahadurgeshwar Prapatti

Sadguru Shree Aniruddha had given us information about Ranachandika Prapatti and Mangalchandika Prapatti in his pitruvachan on Ramrajya. Subsequently, on March 10, 2016 Bapu explained the Mahadurgeshwar Prapatti. Henceforth, the “Mahadurgeshwar Prapatti” is to be performed by men, which was introduced after making amendments to the “Ranachandika Prapatti”. It is crucial to change according to the changing times and hence, changes have been made to the Prapatti, said Bapu.

Shree Mahadurgeshwar –

Anyone can take the darshan of Shree Mahadurgeshwar linga at Shree Gurukshetram. Mahadurgeshwar is none other than Mahishasurmardini Aadimata Chandika. They are one but also not, all the same. The Mahadurgeshwar poojan is performed at Gurukshetram three times. Also, a Mahadurgeshwar Shivaratri poojan is performed every month on Shivaratri.

Shree Mahadurgeshwar Prapatti

The Mahadurgeshwar Prapatti may be performed on any one or all Mondays in the month of Shravan. Men and women have different grasping capabilities. This change has been made by nature. Therefore, while men have been granted four days, women have been granted one day of Makarsankranti for Prapatti. The poojan of Lord Nrusinha also has honour along with Shivashankar on this Monday in Shravan. Bapu had said in his pitruvachan on Ramrajya that every person should hold the faith that Lord Trivikram is Lord Nrusinha. The poojan of this image of Trivikram is performed during Mahadurgeshwar Prapatti.

How should the Mahadurgeshwar Prapatti be performed?

All shraddhavan men should come together and perform this prapatti after sunset. This prapatti is to be performed in the shraddhavan attire(white shirt, lungi and uparna). It begins with the chanting of Gurukshetram Mantra 5 times, followed by the Mahadurgeshwar jap being chanted 11 times. Thereafter, the story of the bala (strength) of Mahadurgeshwar is to be read. This story is extremely beautiful. It endows you with all sorts of strengths. This is followed by an aarti of Lord Gaurihara.

Then 12 pradakshina’s (circumambulations) of the arrangement for the prapatti, are to be performed by chanting the gajar “Bam Bam Bholenaath”. This Bam beej (seed) is the beej of progress, the beej of strength, the beej of favour and Balagangagauri who is indeed Shivagangagauri is its governess. Subsequently, the Trivikram is to be offered white and yellow flowers.

More information on this can be obtained from the Shree Mahadurgeshwar Prapatti booklet.