Ahilya was wronged, her honour was violated and she suffered in silence. Her husband too was unjust – he cursed Ahilya and she turned into a stone. The Ahilya Sangh however, is about the strength, the power of the woman. It is turning around the connotation of this term ‘Ahilya’. It is about the intention, that no woman ever come to the stage where ‘Ahilya’ of the past suffered. The Ahilya of today, will be – physically and emotionally strong and will not allow her husband or even to the society to inflict any injustice towards her and tell everybody that she will not be a mute sufferer. She will retaliate appropriately and safeguarding morality and truth, she will hold her head always high.

Ahilya Sangh


With expert guidance, women will be trained in martial arts. Classes for this kind of training and practice are organized on a regular basis. As of date, the ‘Bal Devotional Services_ idya’ (martial arts) has been taught to women.


Ahilya Sangh Training

Ahilya Sangha Volunteers Being Trained In The Ancient Indian Martial Arts
The woman is harassed at the work place, on the open street or even in her own house. She need not have to wait for the men to come and to save her. Draupadi called out for help when her honour was threatened. Despite the fact that all her 5 husbands, her father-in-law, her brothers-in-law were present, she was humiliated. Only the Lord Shreehari answered her call.


The Ahilya Sangh will equip the woman to protect herself. She will call out to the Lord but to bless her and so that she is able to express her strength appropriately and if needed, teach a lesson to those who deserves it.

The Ahilya Sangh will extend help to women whose husbands are addicts – of alcohol for instance. This will of course be in co-ordination with the de-addiction project of the parent organization.

Last but not the least, the Ahilya Sangh is not a women’s liberation movement. It will work on humanitarian grounds and observe all values of morality, truth and justice.

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