The Guru and his disciple have been a cherished heritage of India – a strength, one that conserves value. ‘Shreeguru dattatreya and His disciple Parshuram’ have been a pair that lives the ideal. Shreeguru Dattatreya revealed to Parshuram, all about the manifestation of the Adimata Adishakti. Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu authored the work ‘Matruvatsalyavindanam’ i.e. ‘Mataraishvaryaveda’ that explains in clear and lucid words through the dialogues of this ideal Guru and disciple pair, the three manifestations of the Adimata Chandika, along with the purpose and principles of their mission.


Gayatri, Mahishasurmardini and Anasuya are not separate from each other, they are one. Assuming three forms, One and the same Adimata manifests and functions on three corresponding levels for the progressive development of man. It is the bhakta who addresses his prayer to the different forms She assumes as Aadimata, Tridha, Durga, Shuddhavidya and Chandika.Shedding light on the oneness, the identity of the three forms – Gayatri, Mahishasurmardini and Anasuya – assumed by the primeval, the original mother Adimata Chandika, the work illustrates in precise and definite words, their purpose, principles and mission.


 Matruvatslya Upanishad

This work is not just about the Adimata, it clearly explains all notions pertaining to the highest aim of human life. The panchamukha form (the form with five faces) of Gayatri, its mission, how the universe came into being, how the cosmos functions, who was the first to commit the ‘pradnyaparadh’ (a sin that the mind commits against the conscience) and why did it happen, who were the first demon pair, under what circumstances do the devils or the evil powers score over those oriented towards virtue, the principles that the Mahishasur and his nine commanders symbolize in human life, depictions of the nine forms assumed by Mahishasurmardini and Her function going on to the account of the mission of Anasuyamata, the figure of the Kalipurush, the manifestation of Anasuya as Durga, the story of Dattatreya’s birth, the life mission of Parshuram are but a few of the facts that the work discusses in depth.

Yes of course Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu sings the glory of the Adimata and Her loving motherly grace but what He also wishes to do, is acquaint the bhakta with Shubhankara and Ashubhanashini – the two kinds of powers or set ups of the Adimata and go on to reveal and emphasis the truth that allowing her bhakti to fade into oblivion is inviting the vile and negative in life whereas recalling Her lovingly to the mind is eradicating the evil.

In the foreword, Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu says,
“In this narrative, there is nothing that belongs to Me but then this narrative absorbs all of Me, it is My heart.

The word of the mother is not merely instruction, it is irrefutable, infallible. And for Me, it is all and everything; there is nothing beyond Her Word, just nothing.

On every one of My horizons and at all times, it is Dattaguru who rises and on every one of these horizons at all times, blossoms and smiles the early dawn of My Aadimata, My Mother dearer than life, My Mother the Parameshvari Chandika.

Be it any horizon, this is what it is; and so the sun-down or the nightfall state just does not exist for Me.

This is a sacred work, this is a gunasankeertan*, the ganga of knowledge*, this is also the bhagirathee* of bhakti and it is the narrative about the Aadimata – that it is of course in any case. But over and above all of this, it is the shubhankara* and the ashubhanashini* manifestation of My Aadimata; it is Her gentle motherly affection and it is also Her grace and blessing.

My dear shraddhaavaan friends, I say this out of genuine concern, out of deep love from the bottom of My heart – this dear loving Mother of Mine will actually be beside every shraddhaavaan who reads this work with love and faith, seated close, listening to him. And so, Her loving grace will always shelter and protect the shraddhaavaan reader and especially at every such time that there is a need, despite his intense and dense ill fate. That is My firm belief, My word of faith.”

This work is the support and the protection that Sadguru Shree Aniruddha gives to the bhaktas, it is a source of strength and courage that will equip them to fight their destiny.

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