Importance of Mudras

The entire universe is composed of the Panchmahabhutas(the five basic elements). The five fingers represent these five elements. Agni(Fire) tatva is represented by our thumb, Vayu(Air) tatva by the index finger, Akash(Ether) tatva by the middle finger, Prithivi(Earth) tatva by the ring finger and Jal(Water) tatva by little finger. These five elements are present in our bodies, just like they are in the universe. One can maintain the balance of these elements in our bodies with the help of the Yog Mudras. Yog mudras have an unparalleled importance in maintaining the correct balance of the Kapha, Vaat, Pitta in our body and as a cure to many ailments.

Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu said that the troubles due to illnesses is caused due to the imbalance of the Panchamahabhutas. As our fingers represent the Panchmahabhutas, various mudras are formed by using them. Hence, by performing the mudras, we can regain balance in our body and free the mind and body from any illness. Prior to the “Shree Shwasam” programme, Bapu had introduced us to the seven mudras.

The Seven Mudras

As such there are many mudras. However, Sadguru Bapu has specifically presented seven mudras related to the seven chakras in our body for the purpose of training.

  • Swasti Mudra related to Mooladhar Chakra
  • Ras Mudra related to Swadhishthan Chakra
  • Trivikram Mudra related to Manipur Chakra
  • Shivaling Mudra related to Anahat Chakra
  • Aanjaneya Mudra related to Vishudha Chakra
  • Amba Mudra related to Aadnya Chakra
  • Avadoot Mudra related to Sahastrar Chakra

 Mudra Training-

As per the instructions of Sadguru Bapu, Dr. Yogindra Joshi (Mahadharmavarman), took up the responsibility of training and provided two days of training programs free of cost. Initially, trainers were selected and groomed to impart the training after which the training was provided across various centres of Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation. A  large number of  shraddhvans have been trained in Mudras till date. Anyone interested in the training is required to contact the nearest Upasana centre.

Thousands of shradhvaans had taken the benefit of Mudra training sessions that were conducted on two consecutive thursdays at Shree Harigurugram.

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