Vision and Establishment of Aniruddha’s Universal Bank of Ramnaam

On the day of 18th August 2005 Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu – Bandra announced the opening of ‘Aniruddha’s Universal Bank of Ramnaam’ at Shree Harigurugram.

The objective of Sadguru Bapu in establishing Aniruddha’s Universal Bank of Ramnaam is to bring happiness and peace in lives of people by helping them to overcome the effects of Kali Yug and to strength oneself to change his destiny.

How does Aniruddha’s Universal Bank of Ramnaam function and operate?

The concept and methodology of Ramnaam Bank is like any other bank that people would be familiar with. The only difference is that the currency here is of ‘Ramnaam’ i.e. the name of the God. The bank has its Head Office situated at Link Apartments, Khar (West), Mumbai.

  • Information on Ramnaam Book and its importance

    The ‘Ramnaam book’ has 216 pages of which ‘Ram’ is to be written on the first 108 pages, followed by 27 pages each of “Shree Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram”, “Krishna”, “Dattaguru” and “Jai Jai Aniruddha Hari”.

    It is believed that at the time when Samudrasethu was to be built by the Vanarsainik’s (Army of Shree Ram) across the sea from Rameshwar to Lanka to get Sitamata back from Lanka, Hanumanji recognizing the difficulty and scale of the task and himself started to inscribes Ramnaam on every boulder used in the construction of the bridge which makes them to float on water than sink to bottom and it is also true for humans trying the cross the sea of life.

    Anyone who writes Ramnaam on an Akrutibandh of Hanumanji, their one Ramnaam will be as much as thousand. The Ramnaam book is designed with this exact arrangement with Hanumanji inscribed watermark in a Akrutiband on which Ramnaam is to be written.

    Raamnaam Book

  • Information on Anjanamata Book and its importance

    Another book provided by Aniruddha’s Universal Bank of Ramnaam is the Anjanamata book is specially designed according to Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu’s conceptualisation. This book was introduced during the Shree Varada Chandika Prassanotsav.

    Anjani Mata’s son is Hanumanji, who is also Sadguru Dattatreya. Hanuman is the only one who eternally sustains both the qualities of “Swaha”(complete sacrifice) and “Swadha”(self-sufficiency).Hence to attain these, the arrangement in this book has been specifically made. click here.

    AniruddhaFoundation-Anjanamata vahi

  • Importance of writing the book in Sadguru Bapu’s words

    When we write Ramnaam in the book, our Ramnaam get fused and synchronised with the Ramnaam chanted by Hanumanji.

    This is the most important benefit of Ramnaam book.

    We can also write these books for other by writing the name of the person on the book. Shraddhavans write Ramnaam book for specific occasions like birthdays or marriages of loved ones as they believe that the person for whom the book is written gets benefited. It is believed that if the Ramnaam book is written for a deceased person, it would help their soul in transition on a right journey.

    One of the supreme forms of Bhakti is the Shravan Bhakti. This is done while writing the Ramnaam book. As one writes the book, their eyes read and automatically mind recites the mantras. Hence Ramnaam book is considered the easiest tool of devotion.

    Ramnaam book is an assurance to achieve our life’s purpose while  Anjanamata book provides us with immense mental strength.

    Whenever fear grapples us or we start to feel weak, we can start to write Anjanamata book and seek shelter of Anjanamata and Her son. By writing the Anjanamata book, we start to feel secured and fearless.

    Those who feel loneliness can derive immense strength from Anjanamata book to live their lives by themselves.

How to get membership? and Branches of the Bank

Ramnaam is the only currency in this unique bank. Minimum of one book is needed to be deposited to get membership and open an account in the Aniruddha’s Universal Bank of Ramnaam. Every shraddhavan gets a passbook on opening an account.

For detailed information click here.


Aniruddha Universal Bank of Ramnam
Ram 42,16,05,42,768

(Forty-Two Billion, Sixteen Crore, Five Lakh, Forty-Two Thousand, Seven Hundred and Sixty-Eight)

Shree Ram Jai Ram
Jai Jai Ram

(Two Billion, Seventy-Three Crore, Twenty-Six Lakh, Twenty-Seven Thousand, Seven Hundred and Seventy-Two)

Krishna 10,93,05,11,088

(Ten Billion, Ninety-Three Crore, Five Lakh, Eleven Thousand and Eighty-Eight)

Dattaguru 5,46,52,55,544

(Five Billion, Forty-Six Crore, Fifty-Two Lakh, Fifty-Five Thousand, Five Hundred and Forty-Four)

Jai Jai Aniruddha Hari 2,73,26,27,772

(Two Billion, Seventy-Three Crore, Twenty-Six Lakh, Twenty-Seven Thousand, Seven Hundred and Seventy-Two)

TOTAL JAP COUNT 64,02,15,64,944

(Sixty-Four Billion, Two Crore, Fifteen Lakh, Sixty-Four Thousand, Nine Hundred and Forty-Four)

Aniruddha Universal Bank of Ramnam
Om Shree PanchamukhaHanumantay Aanjaneyay Namo Namah 6,52,21,632

(Six Crore, Fifty-Two Lakh, Twenty-One Thousand, Six Hundred and Thirty-Two)

Om HariMarkatay Swaha 29,34,97,344

(Twenty-Nine Crore, Thirty-Four Lakh, Ninety-Seven Thousand, Three Hundred and Forty-Four)

ShriMahakundalini Aanjanamata Vijayate 6,52,21,632

(Six Crore, Fifty-Two Lakh, Twenty-One Thousand, Six Hundred and Thirty-Two)

Om Anjanisutay Mahaviryapramathanay Swaha 9,78,32,448

(Nine Crore, Seventy-Eight Lakh, Thirty-Two Thousand, Four Hundred and Forty-Eight)

Om Shree Ramdutay Hanumantay Mahapranay Mahabalay Namo Namah 4,89,16,224

(Four Crore, Eighty-Nine Lakh, Sixteen Thousand, Two Hundred and Twenty-Four)

TOTAL JAP COUNT 57,06,89,280

(Fifty-Seven Crore, Six Lakh, Eighty-Nine Thousand, Two Hundred and Eighty)


*The above mentioned statistics are for Ramnaam and Anjanamata Book Jap Count up till May 31, 2018.

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