Alpha to Omega Newsletter

Alpha to Omega“, our newsletter is a window that gives an insight into the recent and upcoming events of Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation, Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management and their sister organisations. The newsletter will cover details of the devotional services that we have undertaken in the recent past and those that we will be surging ahead within the near future.

The newsletter has been conceived to disseminate information about the sanstha to all those who are interested to know more about the devotional services rendered by us. It is, therefore, desirable that the information is not shared en masse, but only with those who are genuinely interested in our activities. The newsletter also aims to bridge the physical distance between shraddhavans who are staying far away and are eager to get regular updates on the Sanstha. The newsletter will also highlight the exceptional efforts of Upasana centres and Shraddhavans in various spheres of devotional services.

Since this is the first edition of the Newsletter, it is covering the period from Aniruddha Pournima to Dattajayanti. The next Newsletter will be released on the 5th of Feb. 2016 and the 5th of every month thereafter. I would welcome your feedback on the Newsletter (and even as we go forward) that would help us to add value to the content and the presentation, keeping in mind the needs of Bapu’s Shraddhavan friends.

– Samirsinh Dattopadhye