September 2017

Shree Shwasam

 The ‘Shreeshwasam’ – ‘The Healing Code of the universe’, is the supreme gift given by the Mother of the universe, Adimata to...
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Shirdi Rasayatra

‘गुरुनाम आणि गुरुसहवास | गुरुकृपा आणि गुरुचरणपायस | गुरुमन्त्र आणि गुरुगृहवास | महत्प्रयास प्राप्ती ही ॥’  ‘Only after laborious efforts do rare...
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Mudra Training

The entire universe is composed of the Panchmahabhuta (five basic elements). The five fingers of our hands represent these five basic elements...
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Avahanam Na Janami

About the book ‘Avahanam Na Jaanami’ – The book ‘Avahanam Na Jaanami’ which has been authored by Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi (Sadguru...
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